NLP – Bringing this together

From the other NLP work/investigations, I have the basic required queries to import, clean-up and query a transcript into Neo4j.   Next step is to bring this together into a small web app to manage this for me (and hopefully present some visuals – i can finally look at d3js, which my team use on our internal site to great effect)

Updating the model a little.

From the work so far i;m planning to make the following changes to my overall NLP model


as well as the word adjacency graph, I will also store the original text in its complete form as part of the transcript.

The app

libraries used

  • node.js
  • express
  • neo4j-driver
  • ejs
  • morgan
  • body-parser

Keeping this pretty basic for now, (not quite green screen:) ) with some very simple pages to add and review a transcript.


The basic parts are now running

  • adding a transcript
  • review a transcript
  • review by person

add a twitter user?  – more on that later


Cleaning up the text

This has been the hardest part, although mainly due to my lack of recent javascript writing.

Simple punctuation clean-up

var s = TranscriptWords;


varfinalTranscriptWords=punctuationless.replace(/'/g, "\#");

varfinalTranscriptWords2=finalTranscriptWords.replace(/\s{2,}/g," ");

stop words

Currently just have a list of words; was thinking about moving these to a set of nodes within the Graph and querying against them – but very little gain over what I really want to do.    The only lesson here were the escape codes required to ensure the ‘ in words such as don’t didn’t close the string and a single escape of \’ wasn’t enough when pulled into the neo query – some a double escape words \\’

part of the stopWords variable

var stopWords="'all','am','an','and','any','are','aren\\'t'";


current status

all the DXC market leading play papers have been saved as text and imported in; without any additional clean-up steps from the “save as text” after opening the pdf in MS Word


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