Industry Trend Model

Digital Explorer is my current focus at work, Digital Explorer is the first part of a knowledge repository to help DXC understand the disruptors impacting our client’s industries.    The information is used to help shape client roadmaps and understand how technology can help addressed the business challenges.

The high level model is very simple.

An Industry has one or more business areas and a business area has one or more trends


The model expands the trends into maturity or adoption groups, to allow people to understand the risk levels associated with a given trend.  For example Internet of Things may be a trend adopted by the leading edge players in a given industry.


We further extend the model, by allowing a single trend to be mapped to one or more business areas (either within the same or even a different industry), this  allows us to track the same trend at a potentially different maturity level within another industry.  Within the graph we need a connecting node between the Business Area and the Trend to help bridge the gap and capture any unique values related to the assigned business area (e.g. supporting notes, risk\maturity value).  We also introduce a relationship to a Person to track the creator and reviewers)


The result

If we look at “Internet of Things” within the Graph we can see the relationships across many business areas and industries.


graph (4).png

and the query

MATCH (n:BusinessTrend)-[r1:ASSIGNED_VIA]->(BTL:BusinessTrendLink)
where"Internet of Things" RETURN n, BTL, ba,si, i




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